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The Asmaa James Foundation improves the lives of girls from marginalized backgrounds by giving them access to reproductive health education, scholarships, mentoring, and life skills training. We also use the media to advocate for policies that positively impact women and girls across Sierra Leone. TAJ Foundation has three flagship programs: Big Sis-Small Sis Toks, Wi Teen Talk Radio Show, and The Pujehun Girls Trust.

Asmaa James Foundation

Big sis small sis Tok

This programme connects adolescent girls with female mentors. The mentorship programme is designed to give girls access to career advice, and reproductive health education. The mentors will serve as agents to reduce the risks of early school dropout, teenage pregnancy, and other challenges faced by girls in Sierra Leone.


This is a peer-to-peer girls empowerment radio programme. Adolescent girls will host and produce a weekly talk show on issues of interest including but not limited to mental, and reproductive health, education, spirituality, and sisterhood. Experts from various fields pertaining to these issues will appear as guests. The main aim of the show is to educate and engage teens on issues affecting their personal development.

Pujehun Girls Trust

Pujehun District has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Sierra Leone. This trust has been established to make reproductive health education, family planning, and contraceptives more readily available. Our annual fundraiser will support girls with scholarships including teen moms who want to return to formal schooling post-partum or those seeking to gain vocational skills. Where necessary, the trust will also provide direct material assistance to school going adolescent girls.

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