Asmaa James, leading radio journalist on Women’s Day says #BalanceBetter for change.

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“I find myself in a profession where you have about 10 women as station managers, with over 165 radio stations and only 1 female editor for about 215 newspapers across the country. This means men run the newsrooms. I had a chat with the only existing female newspaper Editor Femi Coker, who doubles as Vice President of Women in the Media Sierra Leone. She told me, the struggle has not been easy. Some of the reasons she highlighted were a lack of resources to own or manage a newspaper, professional qualification, and sometimes laissez-faire attitude when compared to men in the newsroom.

In my case, it has been different. As station manager, one of few, I have been able to break the glass ceiling in the  Sierra Leone media landscape. Despite the challenges, I rose through the ranks to attain my current position one that few women occupy. I manage over 22 staff of whom 60% are women.

As a woman striving to revolutionize the world of media, one dominated by men, I am excited about this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BalanceforBetter, because in today’s world, we need collective action and shared responsibility for a #BalanceforBetter world.”

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