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Asmaa James is the anchor of ‘Good Morning Sierra Leone’, the most important breaking news, current events, and human rights program on Radio Democracy 98.1.


Broadcasted 5 days a week, this is a one and half hour live broadcast of current affairs and discussion on key governance issues with the objective of strengthening democratic governance. The show hosts regular guests that include government officials, civil society, social commentators, and ordinary citizens to discuss key governance issues and as provides a platform for interaction between citizens and guest through text messages. It is also interspersed with pre-recorded as well as live interviews in some cases.

Facetime with Asmaa

Asmaa James and her guests discuss hot button lifestyle and social issues affecting Sierra Leoneans today.



  • You are what you eat (food, nutrition, weight management)
  • How to talk to your kids about sex, and their reproductive health
  • Predators in the family
  • “Men pikin e gud or e bad”
  • Local government: What are their roles and responsibilities
  • Social Media: Good or Bad?
  • Is marriage an accomplishment
  • Myth: Women are their own worst enemies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Are businesses doing enough in the community
  • Should someone without a theology degree lead or open an institution of faith
  • Education: Are our graduates being educated for the careers of the future?
  • Other nationals do better at business in Sierra Leone, why it is so?
  • Myth: Sierra Leonean men are unfaithful

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