Our Impact

The Asmaa James Foundation empowers women and girls from marginalised backgrounds by providing them access to reproductive health education, scholarships, mentoring, and life skills training.

The mission of the Asmaa James foundation is achieved through our programmes and initiatives.

We work with the Government of Sierra Leone, local nonprofits organisations, activists, international development partners and private sector entities to design and implement projects that align with our objectives.


Girls Plus is a non-profit organisation and initiative of the Asmaa James Foundation, driven by community level interventions aimed at providing access to adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights education in Sierra Leone. Since 2020 we’ve focused on three key areas: 

  • Advocate for Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) for adolescent girls and boys 
  • Campaign to reduce adolescent sexual abuse and violence 
  • Right to education for all – promote Radical Inclusion in schools and communities.


In partnership with Plan International, The ‘Another Chance’ project is designed by Girls+, to target school girls that have experienced early pregnancies, to facilitate support systems that will increase their chances of returning to school after childbirth and prevent the recurrence in the lives of other girls. The Another Chance QAPP shall target pregnant girls.


In December 2018, Asmaa James initiated the Black Tuesday campaign to protest against the rise of rape and abuse of girls under 12. This campaign encourages people to wear black on the last Tuesday of every month to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with survivors of rape. The campaign influenced the sitting president to declare a state of emergency on rape and reform policies surrounding sexual violence. In the last two years, the campaign has grown support from individuals and organisations across both locally and internationally; leading to a movement to end sexual violence against girls. 


  • Skills Training 

AJ Foundation supports young girls by providing livelihood opportunities through life skills training at the Madam Wokie Skill Center. The foundation supports young girls to participate in gara tie-dyeing, tailoring and other skills training; equipping them with new skills that will help improve the quality of their lives and gain meaningful employment. 

  • Prison Support 

In 2013 Prison Watch Sierra Leone contacted Asmaa to be a guest speaker at one of the women’s prisons in Freetown. Asmaa was moved by the stories of the women and since then, the Asmaa James Foundation has supported these women. In particular, she advocates for the release of women who committed petty crimes and a reduced sentence for those serving long sentences for minor crimes. 

Asmaa visits the prison to educate the women about violence and the impact of violence to themselves and their families. During these visits Asmaa Foundation has partnered with other organisations to provide food and hygiene items. 


Although Girls Plus is focused on empowering adolescent girls, we believe that boys and men should be engaged to discuss the roles of men in addressing gender-based stigmas and achieve gender equality.

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