Asmaa James’ Narnia Daycare Experience

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I made a surprise visit to Narnia Daycare career day programme. It was such fun to see all the kids in their colorful career outfits, looking very brisk and elegant. Seeing the kids in their different work attire gave me goosebumps.

The kids were excited to perform their different career roles, and what I loved most was the full participation of parents. They all watched with keen interest as the kids, performed in turns.

As a journalist, I was particularly struck by beautiful Bintou Turay who performed as a journalist, with her press tag on her neck, and holding a microphone and notebook.

I said hello , and asked if she was a journalist and she answered ” yes” and boldly too. We had a chat, trying to explore what she thinks about journalists, and their role in society.

Overall, the kids performed excellently and showcased their brilliance.

This was a unique experience and opportunity, introducing these kids to different professions and trying to get them to understand roles and importance of these careers in society.

I must commend the staff at Narnia Daycare for such a brilliant initiative and the professionalism displayed.

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  1. Ashmia Sesay says:

    Lovely report. Grooming our future with diversity. Well done Narnia. Thank you Asmaa

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