Celebrating 172 years of excellence in education: this is an ode to an outstanding teacher.

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I met Ms Antoinette Horton in 1997 when she came for teaching Practice at the Annie Walsh Memorial school. As students then we use to admire how young and beautiful she was. She was easily missed for a student. Ms Horton still embodies that beauty and is a true testament to empowerment.

Despite her inexperience in teaching then, she was given the opportunity to teach at an early age. Because of her commitment and dedication in the field, Ms Horton became a full-time teacher at the Annie Walsh in 1998.

Since then she has held several positions from a senior teacher, head of the language department, acting Vice President, vice-principal. Currently, her position is principal for the junior school.

Ms Horton wears a crown of 23 years of experience in teaching and she was not just a teacher to me and many others but she became a mentor and a friend.

Ms Horton’s friendliness, approachability and ability to build caring relationships with her students made her an outstanding teacher

I can vividly remember in 1998-1999 when she and other teachers directed a play we were to perform for prize giving. As typical students, we made light of the situation and rarely attended practice. She was so patient with us, she would search the whole school just to ensure that we participate. I don’t quite remember what the play was about but I do remember that it was important to Ms Horton because she saw potential in us to execute it, that play became one of the best plays at the Annie Walsh and the following year I was awarded “Best Actress”.

In our recent conversation, Ms Horton and I were reminiscing about her favourite memory. Then she said she will always remember dealing with “problematic kids like us”.

Ms Antoinette Horton on behalf of my self and many other students, I would like to say thank you for your continued dedication and leadership. Thank you for empowering me and many others and believing that when young people are given the opportunity they will excel.

Ms. Antoinette Hortons holds a Higher Teacher Certificate and Degree from Milton Margai College Of Education and Technology

[MMCET ]and a masters in Education from Fourah Bay College [FBC].

We are celebrating excellence in education for girls since 1849.

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