With over 34 years of dedicated and uninterrupted years of teaching service to Sierra Leone. Let us celebrate Madam Ophelia Morrison for her leadership at the senior secondary school of my beloved alma mater.

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Often we are oblivious to the people who contributed to grooming us to become who we are today. We become over-familiar with their inputs and neglect honouring them. One group that best describes this set of people are often teachers.

2021 is all about gratitude and March is women’s month. Join me to celebrate Madam Morisson, the principal of the Senior School at the Annie Walsh memorial school.

Madam Ophelia M Morrison attended the Annie Walsh from 1972-1978. She graduated from the University of Sierra Leone in 1987 and started teaching at the Prince of Wales School (POW), she taught there for 15 years. At the POW school, Madam Morrison was senior teacher, head of the science department and later acting vice-principal. She left in 2002.

Due to her dedicated service to education, in 2002 the then minister of education; Dr Alpha Wurie asked her to serve as principal for the constant Cummings John Memorial Junior school. There she performed exceptionally well until 2008 when she joined the AWMS as principal.

Madam Ophelia is the chairperson for the conference of principals of secondary schools- Western area branch.

She holds a bachelor’s of science degree, postgraduate diploma in education, MSc in educational leadership and management.

She has had 34 years of dedicated and unbroken years of teaching service to Sierra Leone.

When she is not running a school or instructing, you can find her reading
You must note that watching movies brings her recreational pleasure and working with young people is the highlight of her life.

Madam Morison is dynamic, dedicated disciplined and at the same time ( Kombra ) for all her pupils. As we celebrate 173 years of our beloved school at this challenging time, let us also celebrate Madam Ophelia Morrison for her leadership to the senior school of my beloved Alma mater.

We are celebrating excellence in education for girls since 1849.

Non sibi sed omnibus!

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