Introducing “#Another Chance” Project

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In March 2020, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), under the leadership of Hon. Dr David Moinina Sengeh, overturned the  “ban on pregnant girls attending school“. This meant, girls who are pregnant, and want to continue school should be allowed to do so. In addition to overturning the ban, MBSSE also launched the “ Zero school girl pregnancy campaign”. 
During the 2020 National Primary School (NPSE) and the West African Senior Secondary School examinations, about Sixty-Three (63) students, were pregnant, of which twenty-nine (29) of those took the NPSE examination in Bonthe district alone. This is unprecedented!
My organization, Girls Plus with support from MBSSE have launched a campaign to get these girls back to school after delivery. On Friday I had the honour and privilege to accompany the Minister of Basic Education, Dr. Sengeh to get first hand information, and encourage pregnant girls to return to school in Moyamba District. 
Many thanks to Dr. Sengeh and his team at MBSSE for supporting Girls Plus. Together we can all get pregnant girls back to school after they deliver.
Join the campaign, give #Another Chance to these girls and get them back to school.

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