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Pregnancy is an interesting but life-changing experience. Your life comes to a halt to embrace this new phase of life as a parent because it teaches you a different meaning of love and love and sacrifice. Thoughts of a growing fetus in you make you smile as you begin to cherish the idea as you’ve been given the grace to birth life when the only one you long to hold, love, and care for is the new life growing inside of you.

The reality is this is a 10month (40weeks) journey contrary to the generally known 9month period of having another human’s survival dependant on you.  In some cases, it can be symptom-free and followed by a lot of morning sicknesses like vomiting, weakness of the body, fever, and so on, some more serious than others.

An important question you must ask yourself is; ARE YOU READY? Are you physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally ready for this?

That isn’t to scare you, but preparing for the birth of a child can be enjoyable and less traumatic with the right support group, especially with both parents of the newborn being actively involved in the child’s life because raising a child takes a lot of hard work.



  1. SELF LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE: Loving and understanding yourself helps you make a better decision on the kind of person you are willing to be with or how you want to be loved. Love is indeed a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. 
  2. COMPATIBILITY: Dating can never be over-emphasized. When it comes to finding out how well you are compatible with the other person. By dating, you become acquainted with your partner’s personality to a certain level you can be confident and comfortable with to move on to the next stage. Be observant, and don’t let your emotions override your sense of judgment.
  3. SEX IS NEVER A MEASURE OF LOVE: If sex means love, then sexual offenders should be awarded. However, having sex requires that you are with a partner who cares for your health as much as theirs. This being at the top of your priority list, you should bear in mind the potential risks of STDs, STIs, unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. If you must, please use a condom or choose total abstinence until marriage or when you are ready.
  4. YOUR BODY, YOUR DECISION: you need to beware of your body and what you want because you have a right to say no to any activity that makes you uncomfortable. Also, beware of Sexual predators and manipulators. They are everywhere from the home, extended family, friends, and strangers alike. Their only aim is to gamble with your feelings and use people for their sexual satisfaction.
  5. BUTTERFLIES DOES NOT MEAN LOVE: The excitement you feel when you see someone you like, the churning in your stomach, the way your heart beats fast does not equate to love! Love goes beyond emotions, it’s a deep commitment and a huge responsibility. You must choose wisely.
  6. TALK TO SOMEONE: there is no gain in hiding whatever you are going through from a trusted adult who can help or guide you through this exciting and adventurous phase of your life.
  7. BE ATTRACTED TO SELF-DEVELOPMENT: If you have school to finish with, if you have a skill you are interested in, if you have set goals to achieve, please chase after them. Let them be your focus, be the best version of yourself so you can attract like-minds, then other things can follow through.


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