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It’s not everyday that you get to meet inspirational men who do not only ace at their careers but bring other people along.

Today’s spotlight is on Chernor Bah!
Chernor is a feminist activist who has dedicated his life to building the power and amplifying the voices of girls and young people across the globe and in his beloved Sierra Leone.

At the age of just 15, Chernor founded and led the Children’s Forum Network, a mass movement of children who organised and mobilised to demand their voices be included in peace and reconciliation efforts after Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war.

Chernor went on to lead initiatives for UNFPA (New York and Liberia), Nike Foundation (Ethiopia and Portland), CRS (the Philippines) and recently at the Population Council (New York). In 2012, Bah co-founded, alongside Gordon Brown (former British Prime Minister) A World at School-a global mobilization and campaign organization for global education.

Chernor has twice been appointed by the United Nations Secretary General to High Level Steering Committee’s, and is an Expert Advisor to the Security Council on Youth Peace and Security. In 2018, he was appointed by the UNICEF Executive Director to the International Task Force on workplace gender discrimination and harassment.

Chernor has spoken at the White House under President Obama, introduced First Lady Michelle Obama at the UN General Assembly, spoken at the European Union, African Union and the World Bank, and lectured at universities around the world.

When Ebola struck Sierra Leone, Chernor returned home and began to organise and mobilise once again. He co-founded and serves as the chief executive officer of Purposeful- the world’s first feminist africa rooted global hub for girls activism- supporting girls and their allies in Sierra Leone and over 100 countries around the world.
He holds an MA degree from the University of Notre Dame (USA) and a Bachelor’s degree from Fourah Bay College. Wanna Be like Chernor? Follow him on twitter @Cee_Bah

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