Pee Cee and Sons supports Asmaa James Foundation.

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Pee Cee and Sons supports Asmaa James Foundation- PADI Products and Uniforms donated to Inmates of the Female Correctional Center

Did you know that? When we give and receive gifts, good wishes or the like, our bodies release a chemical called OXYTOCIN.

That’s one way to improve our lives. In fact you will do a great world of good for yourself and the people that work with you when you give back to your customers and society.

Like Marc Benioff said: Companies can do more than just make money, they can serve others.

Pee Cee and Sons has embraced this principle and is constantly giving people reasons to smile and rejoice.

They have been close allies and supporters of AJ Foundation. This week we donated new uniforms and food items to over 80 inmates at the female correctional center.This is the usual Christmas donation done by The Asmaa James Foundation.

Pee Cee and Sons like their product name : ‘ PADI ‘ , are true friends.

Giving back is what makes this our organizations stand out, and this might be the secret to you making headway in your enterprise.

If you take a look around,  you will see a specific trend. If you were to make a list of the companies that you know in your community, country and world. What do they have in common? They are known for how they impact lives and support people, why? because they take the lead- example: in conducting research to enable better systems for their consumers, they give back a lot. When they see a cause that needs a push or a community that needs help—they take the lead.

We truly hope that our Christmas tradition at Asmaa James with the support of Pee Cee and Sons will inspire you to give back during this season.

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