This girl is on fire : Eunice Naffie Mustapha

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Eunice Naffie Mustapha is a very inspiring young chick and she is a young leader to watch.

At 22, she is the author of Girlz Planete: Teenage Pregnancy, and the Editor of Nafisa Magazine, a platform that offers freelance writing services &  motivates young females to use their writing skills to earn. She enjoys creative writing and her articles always leaves readers thrilled and or craving for more.

Naffie is a young advocate that’s interested in the personal development of young females, she does this through her organization :Strong Girls Evolution.

She has a passion for advocacy and is studying law at FBC and contested for the Students’ Union Presidency.

Her life’s mission is to champion issues detrimental to the growth and development of kids and youths through all available means including community outreaches, media engagements and other forms of engagements.

Naffie holds these 3 things dear:

1. Humility

She believes that people especially leaders should be ready to serve.

In her own words she says: ‘The inner you shouldn’t feel like you are above everyone else. When a person is humble he/she tends to connect with other people easily’.

2. Godliness

‘We are all not perfect in God’s sight;  however, we should never forget that God’s the author of every destiny. With Him in the boat, one will go far in life’.

3. Patience

It’s tied to focus, consistent hard work and perseverance. This helps young people to mount countless staircases.

Now you know why we are crushing hard on her!

We love how wise she is for her years and believe that you will learn from her no matter your age. Please inspire a young person today by sharing Naffie’s wisdom.

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