Asmaa James

Award Winning Journalist & Advocate

The Most Respected Voice on Sierra Leone’s Radio Air Space

Asmaa James is an award winning  broadcast journalist, and anchor of ‘Good Morning Sierra Leone’, the most important breaking news, current events, and human rights program on Radio Democracy 98.1. In addition to this Ms. James was crucial to the survival of 98.1 after the radio station was evicted from its initial home 10 years ago, she single-handedly campaigned, and fund raised for the resources to build a new station.

Asmaa's Blog

Asmaa James speaks on the Dangers of Cyber Sex Among the Youths

SEX, I said it out loud. In the African context and our setting though prejudice at times is a sacred act, reserved for indoors, closed windows with thick blinds drawn.  When I was a teenager, sexual curiosity sparked letters and... Read More

Introducing “#Another Chance” Project

In March 2020, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), under the leadership of Hon. Dr David Moinina Sengeh, overturned the  “ban on pregnant girls attending school“. This meant, girls who are pregnant,... Read More

Managing COVID-19 in Sierra Leone – Might mean a Deadlier threat for Teenagers.

Teenage pregnancy has long been a problem in Sierra Leone. In 2013 the country’s rate ranked among the ten highest in the world, with 28% of girls aged 15-19 pregnant or already having given birth at least once (UNFPA, 2015). How can we... Read More

Will Raising our boys right make gender equality more feasible?

Too many of our boys are invisible and forgotten. Each boy is important and in this race of life, nobody should be left behind. It is within this context that the first observance of “International Day of the Boy Child”,... Read More

Women’s rights are fundamental but needs the right approach to protecting them. – AYV News Reports on Black Tuesday in Kambia.

Click on the link below to watch the report made by AYV on Black Tuesday in Kambia VIDEO-2019-05-03-18-11-56... Read More

Asmaa James’ Narnia Daycare Experience

I made a surprise visit to Narnia Daycare career day programme. It was such fun to see all the kids in their colorful career outfits, looking very brisk and elegant. Seeing the kids in their different work attire gave me goosebumps. The... Read More

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